Naturally NgaRoma Soap is Handmade the old-fashioned way, from natural ingredients then air cured for 5 weeks before they are ready to use. This ensures a mild, firm bar of soap that is extremely gentle and ultra-moisturising. No chemicals, petrolium-by-products, dyes or sythetics are used in our soap. All soaps average 120gms as they are handmade no two soaps are the same.


 Unscented Handmade Soap

 For those with sensitive skin, these are the soaps for you. No added frangrances (essential oils) or artificial colours


 Essential Handmade Soap

Only the finest Natural Essential Oils are used to scent these soaps. No synthetic fragrances are ever used in our soaps


Exfoliating Handmade Soap 

 For that extra cleaning power without the harshness of commercial soap, Exfoliating soaps will leave you skin feeling invigerated and clean.


Shampoo  Soap 



 Made in New Zealand


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