Mineral Finishing Veil


Naturally NgaRoma Mineral Finishing Veil is a great complement to our MIneral Foundation Range.  We have 4 different shades to go with our foundations.  Because these are shear colours they work with your foundation colour.  Naturally NgaRoma Mineral Finishing Veil has a higher content of Koalin Clay to the foundation which makes them very soft and fluffy.  Put over the top of you foundation, it will cover large pores and give your complexion a smooth finish.  Finally spritz with your favourate hydrosol.


30gms by volumn,  10gms by weight


Mineral Translucent Veil

Mineral Translucent Veil $29.00 (NZ) 


 Mineral Ivory Veil  

Mineral Ivory Veil$29.00 (NZ) 


 Mineral Silk Veil 

Mineral Silk Veil$29.00 (NZ)


Mineral Tawny Veil 

Mineral Tawny Veil$29.00 (NZ)



 Made in New Zealand


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