About Naturally NgaRoma

Handmade Soap, Skin Care Products and Mineral Cosmetics

Back in 2003 having previously found out I have Roscaesea and having spent loads of money on products  I decided to try my hand at making my own moisturisers and things.   It took a bit of research, experimenting and testing (friends & family).  But I got there. 

I then added a range of soap to my product line.  Not being satisfied with my already expanding products I then added Mineral Cosmetics.  Mineral Cosmetics was a particularly exciting addition as they really helped with the effects of Roscasea due to the Zinc Oxide and Titanium oxide which are both anti-inflammatory.  Having not been able to wear makeup for a while this was fabulous.  Because the Foundations are formulated right here in New Zealand  customising a colour to suit is not a problem. 

I am adding new and different products to our range all the time.  The latest of course is Soy Candles & Melts (all handmade - naturally).

Naturally NgaRomas' name comes from a small farming area called Ngaroma in the Northern King Country just out of Te Awamutu.  This is where it all started way back when.  In 2009 moved to Te Akau north of Raglan were we continue to develop and make exciting products.

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Its what's NOT in it that makes it good!


Naturally NgaRoma is proud to declare:

  • We use only quality natural ingredients such as cold-pressed vegetable oils, pure essential oils, natural clays, nut butters, grains, floral waters, herbal infusions, flowers and herbs, vitamins, antioxidant's and herbal extracts.
  • We support the environment by using minimal and were possible, recyclable packaging.
  • We respect humans by avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients (such as Sodium Lauryl /Laureth sulfates), and artificial colours and fragrances.
  • We respect animals by not supporting testing on animals.
  • We are proudly 100% New Zealand - made and owned


Curing Natural Handmade Soap



 Made in New Zealand


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