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Eye Colour


5gms by volumn, 1gms by weight

 Shimmer Eye Shadow

Naturally NgaRoma loose mineral powders are pure, oxidized mica. Our mica blends are made without dyes or carmine. (That's why you won't see bright reds, corals, or fuchsia). Most of the shades can be used as an eye shadow, liquid liner, nail polish, lip tint, and blush. Dry, the colours are natural and sheer, wet they are dramatic and more visible, so there are a multitude of possibilities.

Recommended Brushes: Firm Eye Shadow, Angled Liner

White Diamonds Eye Shadow

  Pink Shimmer Eye Shadow  

White Diamond

Pink Shimmer

Silver Rose









Sand Beige Eye Shadow


Silver Sparke Eye Shadow


Lime Eye Shadow


Sand Beige

Silver Sparkle













Antique Brick Eye Shadow



Cafe Latte Eye Shadow



Turquoise Eye Shadow 


Antique Brick

Cafe Latte











Moondance Eye Shadow



Mink Eye Shadow



Mermaid Eye Shadow 














Wave Eye Shadow



Taupe Eye Shadow



Driftwood Eye Shadow 















Butterfly Blue Eye Shadow



 Pic coming soon




Butterfly Blue














Matte Beige Eye Shadow



Matt White Eye Shadow



Matte Soft Brown Eye Shadow 


Matte Beige

Matte White

Matte Brown








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 Made in New Zealand


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