Sale Brushes

Hi Quality, luxurious Natural and Synthetic bristled brushes. The right brush is

essential for a perfect application of Naturally NgaRoma Minerals.





Kabuki Brush

Kauki Brush

$38.90 (NZ)

Our Kabuki Brushes has beautifully soft bristles that hold onto the Mineral Foundation without sending it around your room :-) Great for applying you base foundation as well as fluffing your Mineral Veil. Another must have in you brush collection. Also available with Synthetic Bristles. (Please specify in notes  - Natural or Synthetic) 



Kabuki on a Stick

Foundation Brush

$34.90 (NZ)

This gorgeous brush is TOP QUALITY! This kabuki on a stick gives you ultra-soft bristles that glide smoothly across your face for full, even coverage of mineral foundation. You also get the added benefit of a chubby silver handle, for ease of application.

This is a high-quality brush and even comes with a reclosable, flexible plastic pouch for safe-keeping.

If you are looking for a fabulous face brush to last for years to come, look no further.

These are made of a very expensive grade of goat hair.

These brushes are EXCELLENT for applying mineral foundation, but you can also use them for applying mineral blush, mineral bronzer, mineral finishing powder and veil, all-over color, face shimmer, etc.!





 Made in New Zealand


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