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Ultra-Matte Eyeshadow

Untra Mattes for Eyes have a soft, feathery look, and unlike other Naturally NgaRoma colours for the eyes, have no shimmer r sparkle and have cashmere texture that blends easily on the skin. They can be used dry as eye shadows, and wet as creamy liquid liners with wonderful staying power.

Recommended Brushes: Firm shadow brush, angle liner


Teal- Medium Eye Shadow



Eggplant - Medium Eye Shadow



 Edggplant Dark Eye Shadow


Medium Teal

Medium Eggplant

Dark Eggplant











Moss - Dark Eye Shadow



Tierra Medium Eye Shadow



 Tierra Dark Eye Shadow


Dark Moss

Medium Tierra

Dark Tierra












Moss Medium Eye Shadow 


Heather Medium Eye Shadow



Heather - Dark Eye Shadow


Moss Medium 

 Heather Medium

Dark Heather











Eye Lid Primer

Eye lids naturally have some red and purple tones, which tend to make our eyes look tired.  Naturally NgaRoma lid washes solve this problem by providing a single. mono-toned base on which to apply adows, shimmers, and shading colours.  These shades are opaque, and creamy to the touch, yet look completely natural.  Consider these eye-lifts in a pot.


Eye Primer Creme Brulee



Eye Primer Buttercup



Eye Primer Fairy


Creme Brulee



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 Made in New Zealand


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